Industry Experience ▼

In addition to our Multi-trade expertise Boyett delivers to our customers, we also have significant experience working within highly specialized and regulated industries. We leverage that experience when meeting the unique challenges posed in each of these fields.

“The only source of knowledge is experience.”
Albert Einstein

BioMedical ▼

The bio-medical field is an intricate and complex environment. Regulatory requirements in this industry warrant precise planning and execution.  Factors ranging from managing Facilities EH&S (Environmental Health and Safety), delivery scheduling, installation, and coexistence with regular employees are carefully planned from the very beginning of the project. Our goal is to complete the job while having the least amount of impact on the environment which many times is in operation.

Clients include: Bayer, Alza Corp., Johnson & Johnson, Genentech

Education ▼

Educational facilities are almost always challenging due to the nature such facilities. Products must be selected and installed to withstand  wear and tear, and in some instances abuse. Careful consideration goes into every phase of the project as these buildings are built to last for several decades. These are buildings that literally see generations of student use. Specific requirements are engineered in, carefully monitored and inspected to ensure that the utmost quality goes into the final product.

Clients include: Stanford University (Palo Alto), Merritt College Oakland, Warren Hall CSUS Hayward, Sacramento High School Sacramento

Government ▼

Government facilities are often managed by  various agencies that either design, engineer, manage, or inspect these projects. We almost always work in a secure environment where access is limited by the requirement of the agency in charge of the facility. Many times the contract drawings are designed using metric or engineers specifications and dimensions, which brings additional challenges when deciphering a  project’s criteria.

Clients include:  Federal Building San Francisco, Federal Reserve Bank San Francisco, Matsui Courthouse Sacramento, FBI Sacramento, ATF Sacramento, DHS Sacramento, ICE Sacramento / San Francisco

Historic ▼

Historic projects require the skill set to reproduce, revamp, upgrade, and  reuse existing materials while maintaining function and integrating updated code requirements. Many of these buildings are decades, if not centuries, old. They are part of America and have been used for generations by countless different occupants. Historical renovations are particularly challenging since many of the components used 50 or 100 years ago are no longer available today. These buildings were constructed using artisan techniques that are very difficult to replicate. Though today we utilize modern technology and products, historic projects still require some of the same artisan skills as were used  many years ago.

Clients include: The Ferry Building (SF), The Presidio (SF), Cavallo Point at Fort Baker (SF), Mark Hopkins Hotel (SF) The Citizen Hotel Sacramento

High Tech ▼

There is no doubt that the  San Francisco Bay and Silicon Valley are the home to some of the world’s most advanced technology  companies; Facebook, Apple, Google, and Salesforce to name a few. These projects eventually become landmarks to some of the most innovative minds in the world. It goes without saying that the innovation starts as early as the design and subsequent construction of those buildings. With a clientele that is in perpetual motion, time is of the essence. These projects  warrant construction activity to operate around the clock in order to deliver the project within a very specific timeframe. Often times  construction personnel are required to use the very technology that the project will soon be housing. There are several programs that are utilized for the various phases of the construction process.  For example, construction estimating, GPS guided layout tools, sharing of construction documents and creation of modeled 3D images of the construction plans. These are all just a part of what makes these types of projects interesting, challenging and rewarding.

Clients include:  SalesForce, VM Ware, Airbnb, Facebook, Apple

Hospitality ▼

The primary challenge of working in a hospitality locale is the frequent turnover of space: rooms need to be occupied after all.  As such, scheduling needs  to be well orchestrated and adhered to by the entire construction team. If one contractor falls behind, it can be  a domino effect.

Many time the work is performed in an operating hospitality environment located in highly congested areas of a  city, resulting in challenging logistics which require creative solutions.

Clients include: The Four Seasons Hotel (SF), Citizen Hotel (Sacramento), The Hard Rock Cafe (SF), Mark Hopkins Hotel (SF)

Health Care ▼

It is common for hospitals to have  extremely stringent inspection guidelines which can delay completion of projects. It can be difficult  to get a rhythm going under these conditions with so many trades involved.  Boyett has experience with supply only or supply and installation of materials on these type of projects.

Clients include: William J. Carrol ENR, Alta Bastes Summit Medical Center, Sutter Hospital, Kaiser Permanente Redwood City, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, UCSF Mission Bay

Retail ▼

Whether a new store or a renovation many  retail clients require their stores to be open  for major holidays. This requires  the project team  be ready for long days and even weekends to meet aggressive deadlines.  Many  general contractors specialize in retail work only and tend to travel the U.S. opening one store after another. This can result in working with out-of-state contractors who are unfamiliar with local labor. Often times, either millwork or kitchen equipment etcetera has been ordered ahead of time. The downside is that it many time a arrives early, creating logistical challenges for the team as they must now navigate the “rough” work in and around finished products.

Clients include: (need names) Slanted Door SF, California Pizza Kitchen, BJ’s Brewhouse Sacramento, Pottery Barn Kids Roseville, Apple Store SF, Pottery Barn Roseville, AAA Sacramento, H&M Store San Mateo, Hugo Boss Roseville, Levi Strauss SF

What We Do ▼

Each of our projects requires the careful coordination and management of many milestones and moving parts. Communication, precision and timing are critically important to performance and project success.  We take a decidedly high-tech approach to project management and a uniquely high-touch approach to customer service. This, allows us to consistently deliver an “Elevated Level of Service in multiple trades“ for our general contractors.

Multi-Trades ▼

Because we have unique expertise in Drywall, Lath & Plaster, Carpentry,  Door Assemblies and Data & Access Control, we can offer these services bundled into a multi-trade contract.    Upon entering into a multi-trade project with us, Boyett’s multi-trade operations manager will be assigned to your project, this is in addition to the project manager.  Our multi-trade operations manager sole province is to ensure a cohesive flow between all trades, eliminate redundancies, and provide clear communications and an Elevated Level of Service.

Drywall Assemblies/Finishing/Painting ▼

Metal Framing and Drywall is at the solid center of most building projects.   Boyett consistently balances quality, speed, and costs for each project.  Schedule driving, cost control, and value delivery are the three major elements of a Boyett managed project.

Carpentry, Rough & Finish ▼

At Boyett Carpentry, our team of carpenters are committed to the highest standards of excellence, drawing from years of knowledge and experience.  Specializing in seismic upgrades, restoration/remodeling, custom residential, and finish work, we combine small business craftsmanship with large production contractor efficiency. Our skilled and dedicated carpentry team is committed to the highest standards of excellence.

Lath and Plaster ▼

Lath and Plaster has evolved since the introduction of drywall in the early 1950’s into a more artisan based trade. While exterior stucco is still common in our market, Boyett  focuses on  interior and exterior artisan based work.  The Bay Area’s wealth of historic buildings provide endless opportunities for preservation, restoration, ornamental plaster, and special finishes. In the early days of the Italian Finishes, Boyett sent our crews around the country to areas where plastering contractors were not yet familiar with the materials. Today Lath & Plaster is our most specialized division.

Data & Access Integration ▼

Data & Access Integration complements our door divisions offering and simplifying the general contractor’s job. Data & Access combines the (electrified hardware, security cameras & security control hardware) with (cabling or wireless) and the (electronic head panel) to deliver a three-in-one package,  hardware, low voltage & electronics required for a complete security system.

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