• “I’m just proud we’re part of a great team of people here. We deliver for our clients and everyone does their job with a positive attitude. What more can you ask for?”

    Vernon Boyett

    Experience: 49 years in construction
    Style: Straight and to the point
    Passion: Family, Mentoring Boyett interns & working through challenges
    Interests: Rural land management & the outdoors

    Ask Vernon Boyett what the Boyett difference is and he’ll point to the bold lettering on the conference room wall that reads “We are in the Business of Helping General Contractors Meet Their Client’s Needs – No Excuses.” And there you have it. It’s this plainspoken, no nonsense commitment to get the job done right that permeates everything Boyett Construction does. Work with Vern and you’ll see he leads by example. It’s a style he learned from his father.

    Vern’s father and brother both worked in the construction business, and both served their country in the U.S. Marine Corps. The elder Boyett held a general contractor license and introduced both of his sons to the construction business while young men. Like his dad, Vernon has also had the gratification of introducing his three daughters and other family members to the business. “It is very rewarding to see all the Boyett Team succeed and grow stronger every year,” says Vernon. “Seeing the quality of the next generation in place gives me confidence that they also have a bright and rewarding future in front of them.”

  • “We’re old school that way, and very progressive in other ways”

    James “Jimmy” Roberts
    Chief Operations Officer

    Experience: 35 years in construction
    Style: The company therapist
    Passion: Life-coaching
    Interests: Fishing, hunting

    Jimmy Roberts’ door is always open. That’s because “Dr.” Roberts, as his co-workers call him, has an open door policy and a reputation for taking care of his people — his office staff, people in the field, and his general contractors. Jimmy believes that what distinguishes Boyett is not just the high quality of the work — it’s also the unique way every team member is focused on making contractors feel they have a partner they can count on.

    Jimmy is approachable, encouraging and enthusiastic. He’s been “taking care of business” since he was just 16 and started working part time in metal studs and drywall. By 18 he was in the union getting his hands on everything he could —framing, drywall, taping, and hanging, door assemblies. He eventually became a superintendent working on site. “Back then all we had was a pickup truck and a lot of energy,” he says. “Today I run the company from the office but I’m still that same hands-on guy who is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

    As the company has grown well beyond a single pick up truck, its taken work to keep the family vibe at Boyett. But Jimmy believes it’s important and makes it his priority to know each of Boyett’s employees. “We take a lot of pride in what we do,” he says. “The dedicated and talented people who come to work here, stay and become family. Many of our employees have been with us 15+ years and each is welcome to knock on my door with any idea or issue — at any time.”

    All of Boyett’s principals got their start in the field and learned the business from the ground up. That insider knowledge is a big part of the company’s success. “We’re old school that way, and very progressive in other ways” says Jimmy. “We can offer the best service and the best quality because of our people in the field. We train our people well and then we hold them to high standards. That’s the secret to our success.”

  • “And once a project starts, it’s all about exceeding expectations and building a long term relationship with our clients.”

    John Khau
    Vice President

    Experience: 22 years in construction
    Style: Persistent and patient
    Passion: Technology
    Interests: Golf and fishing

    John was a college student studying business development at San Francisco State when he started as a part time apprentice at Boyett. He started as a stocker-scrapper who picked up materials, delivered them to a job site, and hauled away trash. He did that for a year and then became a carpenter apprentice. Six years later John was brought into the office for training as an estimator/project manager. Today John is Vice President at Boyett.

    John became a journeyman carpenter and learned the value of field work. “Like everyone here, I know the products because I worked with all of them,” he says. “At Boyett, many of our estimators and project managers come from the field and that blend of field educated & college educated personnel makes us much more well rounded and better at what we do.”

    Doors are a complicated process and John loves the challenge of simplifying anything  complicated —with the help of technology. He’s the “techie” behind Boyett’s business management software system, called BMS. “BMS gives us an edge,” he explains. “It gives us tight control of all our projects and gives our clients complete transparency.” Boyett runs several hundred jobs each year with BMS and can track them in detail, at any time — from anywhere. “The BMS tool ensures we manage every milestone on the path to a successful project.”

    John enjoys meeting new clients, putting bids together, and securing new projects. He’s a persistent rainmaker who knows the value of patience. It can take more than a year from the time he learns about a job until the project starts. “And once a project starts, it’s all about exceeding expectations and building a long term relationship with our clients,” he says.

    Whether he’s pursuing new clients or  game fish, John is always patient and persistent. Like his Boyett partners, he prides himself on keeping our promises and exceeding his clients expectations. “At the end of the day those long term relationships are the most satisfying,” he says. “Client become friends and that’s what it’s all about.”

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