Boyett Door & Hardware

Boyett is one of the top distributors and installers of door assemblies in the Bay Area

Door design, construction, and installation require merciless attention to detail and strict adherence to a well-thought out process which includes compatibility, function and design  — because door assemblies are deceptively complex. It takes both experience and knowledge to build and install doors that are code compliant and work in uniquely demanding settings. A secured government agency, laboratory environment, fire-rated stairwell, hospital operating room, or historical renovation each pose their own  design and install challenges. These challenges demand experience. Experience that is best acquired through years of continued education, on the job training and mentoring from disciplined veterans. Boyett has these veterans on our team and bright interns being mentored by these professionals.

The typical Boyett Door & Hardware employee has an average of 20 years experience in the commercial door and hardware industry. Our skilled employees make it possible for us to confidently take on complex, large-scale door projects. “We show up with the right product at the right time,” says John Khau. “Our seasoned team of professionals and our BMS system have made us one of the top 3 installing door distributors in the Bay Area.”

At Boyett Construction, to ensure proper door install and on-time delivery:

  • We install hardware on the doors inside our shop. This is unlike the more common industry practice of installing hardware at the job site. We do this to flush out any possible problems ahead of time — not the 11th hour
  • We offer sales and installation of every type of door imaginable and door projects can integrate seamlessly into larger, multi-trade projects

Types of Doors

  • Clean room environments
  • Auto operators
  • Customized assemblies
  • Fire-rated stairwells and fire doors
  • Historical restorations
  • Operating rooms
  • Security mandated doors (HSPD-12 & FIP-201 compliant)

Material Sales

Boyett Doors and Hardware is a distributor of most major brands of frames, doors, and hardware.


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