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Stanford University Roble Gym

Historical Door Restoration

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We Are In The Business Of Helping General Contractors Meet Their Client’s Needs – No Excuses

Welcome To Boyett Construction

Our Approach

There is no singular approach to how Boyett Construction completes projects; each project brings with it unique challenges and solutions. What does remain consistent is our dedication to provide exceptional results to our customers. To accomplish this, we have embraced new technology in both our construction and project management. Each project is painstakingly planned with the highest degree of transparency and responsibility. We believe in our work, as it is a reflection of who we are and what we do.

The Business Management System (BMS)

Boyett Construction developed our own Business Management System (BMS)  to ensure we have the critical information at our fingertips required to effectively manage projects and meet every milestone deadline. Our software features real-time communication and ensures all the members of the project team — contractors, subcontractors and suppliers — are on the same page. With BMS, you always know where your project stands and potential issues are flagged before they become problems. Our BMS tool is a communication highway which we log on and work within daily.

Data & Access Integration

Our newest department complements our door divisions offering and simplifying the general contractor’s job. Data & Access combines the (electrified hardware, security cameras & security control hardware) with (cabling or wireless) and the (electronic head panel) to deliver a three-in-one package,  hardware, low voltage & electronics required for a complete security system.


A Multidisciplinary Approach to Multi-Trade Projects

We offer expertise in multiple trades and know that a well-coordinated, multidisciplinary approach makes life easier for the General Contractor. Our Multi-trade Operation Manager serves as your project liaison, giving you one point of contact who understands your priorities. We work shoulder to shoulder with the GC to manage your multi-trade projects. We make your life easier by delivering an “Elevated Level of Service” in multiple trades, something you can’t get when writing multiple contracts with multiple personalities and trades to coordinate. Boyett Construction delivers real tangible added value. Our Multi-trade operation manager will be on-site weekly to assure excellent service across multiple trade teams and be available to you at any time. This dedicated role is all about exceeding your expectations, giving you more time, and fewer hassles dealing with multiple subcontractors.  This person is in addition to your project manager and it’s another way we’re raising the bar for customer service.